lMahayana Landowne - Theater Director


OFFOFFOFF.COM January 21, 2004 - Heiress

Director Mahayana Landowne keeps her able cast sharp and, unlike the latest Broadway incarnation, healthily apace, not flying too fast over the play's rich nuances and subtle wit.

nytheatre.com March 7, 2003 - Sun-Up
by Martin Denton

...Director Mahayana Landowne has staged the play with unaffected simplicity. I’d go so far as to say Sun-Up may well be the most significant dramatic revival in New York this season...

Backstage April, 2001 - US

by Elais Stimac

...Director Mahayana Landowne has done a meticulous job of peeling away layers Of Malpede’s script, uncovering one clue at a time as to the relationship between characters. She has coreographed each move of the play as if the play was a dance...
Show Business April 11, 2001 - US
by Christine Boylan
...It is difficult to separate the performance of the actors from the writing and the direction: again such a singleness of purpose in a production is a rare thing....US is a soaked poem that presents a fusion of movement, text, voice, and space with plain meaning and implication. The text and direction are provacative and shocking. The production lays bare the difference between genders and ethnic backgrounds without an attempt at a blanket solution. It is intellectually and emotionally engaging and an illustrious addition to HERE’s body of work...
Shakespeare Bulletin Summer 2000 - Measure for Measure
by Paul Pierog
….deftly cut and subtly directed….intimately staged for a small space…The production creates a strong intimacy with the audience…with almost no props or furniture, the shortened play has a swift and immediate sense of ongoing action.. The portraits of all the characters force us to sympathize with them as they face their own limitations, instead of judging them dispassionately and externally. This approach creates a different understanding of these characters as people addressing their own strengths and weaknesses, often with the insight and illumination Shakespeare provides the worst of people...



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