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You Are Not Alone:

All that I have ever done has been made possible by countless friends and unknown upporters, i would likes to thank and to recognise everyone and this small corner of the web will become a network of this very large family. It will also be a place for collecting poems and proverbs that carry us through difficult times - it is named in honor of Sister Carmen who makes nests for birds who have none, K2 who makes us laugh at ourselves when we least expect to,TiFre brilliant and brave, and of course formy sister Yana who always has more love.

Thanks to my parents Edith and David landowne, my grandparents Milton and Eleanor Landowne, William and Dorothy Timberlake, My aunts, uncles and cousins all of whom have been encouraging along the way.

Thanks to Cinco Puntos Press and all who work there. Jennifer Panteleon and Guy! Edwidge! Lionel Vital:)Jeremy! Ronald! Sadrac!

The fine teachers at Eugene Lang college.

Mary Anderson and Lisandro Perez- visionaries in the field. Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano -rock and roll educators teaching free your heart and the rest will follow. Woods Hole itself and all the birds,horses and muffins in that town. The Steinbach family strong and true Alan, Sala, Aminta and Tirien, and your families, just like Selavi growing in every direction. Special thanks to Severin and India! Catherine Cat Macdonaldof the great green world and dearheart Charlotte. Molly
Skuse, Dominic Cabrera and all the spacemonkeys from Brooklyn to Berkeley. Paula, dave and Tantrum and Moxie, Judith, Alexis Vaughn (wherever you are), Audrey Lehman, Cooper Bombadier, Marilyn McNeal,Anna and James, Sophie Olmsted. Special thanks to Mali (the stories continue)and Eli.Nora kennedy. Amy Sanaman, Groundswell y en Santiago la familia querida Agua serio de mayo, Magnolia, los ninos brillante, Taller Cultural y Taller Aguilera(Joel Aguilera mi mercurio). Thanks also to Xuyen Dangers and The Diep family in Laos(Siow Daen).To Miami Friends Meeting, Brooklyn Friends Meeting. The Sperow family. The Simpson families. The Lewis family. Sam. Ani. Sheila. Ori. Matt. Megan. Allie. Danielle. Xanda. Isis.Peter. Sven, and Doublestack Cat, Matthew and Sandrine. Rachel and Jason. Molly Bang and Alexis Monique Escalante and Heidi!Special thanks to Charlotte Zolotow, T! Tony Underground(Cisco)Don't be skairt, the Jennings sisters, Melanie and Ed, Will Speck and Dan,Robert and the Ackroyd family, Cannonball Press, Ugly duckling Presse, Eva and family, Ariel and family, Shogo Kubo and his guitar, Brian, Ronald, Mai-Lin Petrine, caroline Thresher, Elizabeth Martinez, Melina Yvette!, Clare Oh, Ginger and Brian, tenji in the phillipines,Yumi Lee in Kyoto (write to me!) Ashizu Naoto, Bob ,Marce and South Florida family, Sue Straub, Christopher Cardinale,Vicki and Karel, Sarah
and Gallo,Yao, Nadine Dixon and Stack, Molly Robertson, Rob, Carrie and Sarah,p 373K,The lead
safehouse family, Henry, Michelle, Evelyn Julmisse Roberto Daniel Chang, Brett Cook-Dizney,Melanie Goodreaux, Evelyn Julmisse, Emmy Gay,Michelle Karshan, Laura Flynn, Lyn duff, Carolina Migliora,John Sevigny,Silas, Peg McIntire, Alisha, Amanda, If you got this far and didn't find your name, please write to me...i appreciate your love and support, nothing is possible without each other.