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Activities to Learn More:

Wonderful activists and teachers around the country are developing teaching guides for SELAVI. as well as working on translations which we would like to make available.

Dick Keis ( is director of Libros y Familias, a family literacy project for the
Spanish-speaking community in Independence, Oregon, in the United States.

Tifre has led class interviews and is happy to write to students with questions ( we are working on a french and kreyol version.

There are some online teaching guides:

South Florida teachers have been especially active (I have some great pictures of student work)

And of course picture books in ESL teaching - (coming soon!)

Activities Youme and TiFre have led with schools and after school programs around the country include:

  • Writing about the meaning of your name. Why do you have the name you have? Many people know the stories of their names, or nicknames. Some do not know. Can you ask the person that named you? If someone has the same name as you maybe they know something about the history of that name. Every name has a story. Se la Vi.
  • Painting boxes large and small with all the things a shelter should have. First we talk about the shelter for Selavi's family and then ask what do all children need all over the world. We discuss the difference between staying with a friends family for a short time and staying for a long time. We also talk and listen about what it can feel like not to have a place to call home.
  • Gathering extra things from home to give to those who do not have them because they do not have a home. Sometimes sending to Haiti, sometimes giving them to the nearest local shelter.
  • Send your ideas and writing to the site, we would be happy to post your thoughts and activities that continue the story of SelaVi!
  • Writing interviews of friends . We ask them what was your most difficult time and what was your greatest success? Who helped you in the hard time? Who helped you in the happiest times?
  • Find Haiti on the map and talk about Kreyol language and migration. How many languages are spoken in your classroom or community? Are there words you know of that are the same in both languages? Or words that you can only say in one language and not in another?
  • Discussing children's rights and illustrating them.
  • Students have interviewed Youme, TiFre and each other and then sent the interviews to local papers and shared them with one another.
  • Students have taped video interviews of Youme and asked wonderful questions from the story.