by Milton Landowne
    Four generations of of the Landowne lineage are portrayed in a collage made up of photographs of thirty six family members, against a cosmological background of of a tiny segment of the universe that has been identified as a birthplace of stars. in the constellation Monoceros,
My Stellar Family
is named and patrilinealy numbered: The central, First generation pair,
    Milton[2000] and Eleanor[2'000]
are enclosed within a Second generation ring of ten; they are, clockwise from 7:00 pm:
   Edith[21'00], David[2100], Christiane[22'00], Stephen[2200], Joseph[2300], Zan[23'00],    Peter[25'00], Ruth[2500], Martha[2400] and Connie[24'00].
A Third, grand, generation of seventeen are wreathed above. Clockwise from the bottom are
Mahayana[2110], Youme[2120], Thyra[2210], Anthony[221'0], Kirsten[2220], Carlos[222'0],
Kai[2230], Inna[223'0], Dominik[2250], Birgit[224'0], Erik[2240], Monrovia[23'10];
  continued to their left are Paul[2330], Abe[2340],  Melody[23'20], Sophia[2520], and Burke[2510].
At the Top is the Fourth, great-grand generation of seven. These are, from the left:
   Ronya[2211], Natasha[2212], Daniel[2222], Alina[2221], Sofia[2223, Maja[2241], Elias[2242].
(Photos are contemporary, except for Milton and Eleanor, which are of 1950 vintage.)

Here is a more conventional tabular lineage giving birth dates (to which I have added the novel (I think), identifying number, in which Milton as the proband is the second-born in the first generation [2000]; the position of each digit indicates the generation, the numeral in that position gives the birth order and the prime (') denotes a linkage through civil union):  For a complete Landowne family tree

Milton Landowne[2000], Nov. 19, 1912                and         Eleanor Judson[2'000], Jun 3, 1913 - July 2, 1972
     David Landowne[2100] Dec. 26, 1942       and         Edith Timberlake[21'00] Mar. 25, 1945
         Mahayana Landowne [2110] Aug, 15, 1968
         Youme Landowne [2120] July 1, 1970    and     Hai Nguyen [212'0] 12-2-1982
    Stephen Landowne[2200] Sep. 29, 1944     and        Christiane Kurkowski[22'00] Oct. 1, 1945
         Thyra Landowne [2210] May 16, 1971    and     Anthony (Perry) Blaom [221'0] Dec 30, 1968
              Natasha Blaom [2211] May 27, 1999
              Ronya Blaom [2212 ] Feb 28, 2001
         Kirsten Landowne [2220] Dec 12, 1972   and     Carlos Carrillo [222'0] Feb 9, 1968
              Alina Carrillo-Landowne [2221] Nov 17, 1995
              Daniel Carrillo-Landowne [2222] Nov 17, 1995
              Sofia Carrillo-Landowne [2223] Oct 17, 1997
         Kai Landowne[2230] Nov 4, 1974          and      Inna Borysiuk [223'0] Sep 14, 1975
              Anna Landowne [2231] 2008
         Erik Landowne [2240] Feb 12, 1976       and      Birgit Bachor [224'0] May 19, 1964
              Maja Landowne [2241] Mar 21, 1998
              Elias Landowne [2242] Mar 2, 2000
         Dominik Landowne[2250] Jan 21, 1988
     Joseph Landowne[2300] Mar 31, 1947       and      Zan Valliant [23'00] Oct 18, 1949
         Monrovia Van Hoose [23'10] Apr 19, 1977
         Melody Van Hoose [23'20] Apr 20, 1979
         Paul Landowne [2330] Jan 11, 1988
         Abe Landowne [2340] Feb 19, 1990
     Martha Landowne[2400] Sep 15, 1949       and     Connie Ashbrook [24'00] Mar 9, 1954
     Ruth Landowne [2500} Jan 5, 1955           and      Peter Giordano [25'00] Jul 26, 1953
          Burke Giordano [2510] Nov 22, 1983
          Sophia Nora Giordano [2520] Feb 17, 1987

 The Celestial Background
Credit & Copyright: Russell Croman 
Explanation: Glowing hydrogen gas fills this gorgeously detailed sky view centered on the variable star S Mon in the faint but fanciful constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn. A star forming region (NGC 2264), the complex jumble of cosmic gas and dust is about 2,700 light-years distant and mixes reddish emission nebulae excited by energetic light from newborn stars with dark interstellar dust clouds. Where the otherwise obscuring dust clouds lie close to stars they also reflect starlight, forming blue reflection nebulae. The wide vista spans about 1.5 degrees or nearly 3 full moons, covering 70 light-years at the distance of NGC 2264. Its cast of cosmic characters includes the Cone Nebula (above center), the Fox Fur Nebula, whose convoluted pelt lies just below S Mon, and the Christmas Tree star cluster. The triangular Christmas Tree cluster appears vertical here, with its apex at the Cone Nebula and its broader base centered on S Mon.