The Stone Road

There was an ancient road called "The Store Road" from across the mountains from Bardezag and over the mountains southward to the plains of Nicea. Parts of this road is now in total dis-use and is completely over-grown with woods. Some modern road is not much better than the old road, and in a gully down which the old road leads are the ruins of an ancient inn. The story goes that the Bishop of __________ who was on his way to take part in the series of discussions which ended in the formation of the Nicene Creed, spent one night at this Inn.

At this time the country was infested with robbers and brigands and, while the good Bishop was sleeping in a specially prepared room which they had for him on the second floor of the Inn, robbers crept in and for reasons which no one knows, cut off the heads of the Bishop's two donkeys. One donkey was white and the other donkey was black. The Bishop's servants were aroused after the deed had taken place and the went up and awakened the Bishop and told him what had taken place. The Bishop came down and ordered the servants and the inn-keeper to place the heads back on the severed necks of the donkeys. The servants hurriedly did this but in the dark. The Bishop pronounced incantations on the heads which had been placed back on the donkeys and the donkeys were brought back to life. The next morning however, to the consternation of all concerned, it was found that the white donkey had a black head and the black donkey, a white head!

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