Fox Hunting

I had one day discovered a huge hole which I was sure belonged to a fox. Early one morning I started out with my short gun in the direction of the woods, and when I came to the vicinity of the fox hole, I threw myself among the bushes and patiently awaited the exit of the fox from its hole. After a long weary wait, I became tired of sitting there so quietly and got up and began to walk through the bushes. I continued to search among the bushes and finally climbed up along side of a cliff. Arriving at the top, I stepped from the brush to an open green sward and before my eyes I saw my fox, a huge georgeous creature - rolling on his back and enjoying the sun. It was a beautiful sight of a wild creature utterly unconscious of being watched. How long I stood there gazing at the fox, I do not know. It could not have been long however, before the fox sensed my presence, although I had made not a sound. One minute the beautiful animal had been rolling on its back with its wonderful tail extended and the next minute it had disappeared like a flash!

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