The boys of this school were never allowed to wander alone in the open country beyond the school because of the shepherds and other nondescripts who might catch one unawares and steal from one even the clothes off his back.

I had been lying on my back one early morning on forbidden territory enjoying the fleecy clouds and the songs of the musical skylarks wafted from the skies. These songs which were wafted from the clouds really came from the skylarks which were so far up in the heavens as to be invisible. Suddenly I heard the quarreling and angry voices and footsteps of people approaching. This made me spring to my feet. I had been interrupted in my revery by two uncouth turbaned men who were armed with staves. When they saw that their furtive approach had not surprized me they accosted me politely and engaged me in conversation. They took a keen interest in my field glasses and invited me to sit down with them. I took the precaution to see that they were safely seated on the ground before I seated myself. They asked me the time in order to see whether or not I possessed a watch and I told them the time by the sun. It was when they insisted on taking my field glasses that I sprang to my feet and fled. They followed me. It was a full half hour's distance to the school and there was not a soul around anywhere and I thought far more of my field glasses than I did of anything else on me. On my way I chanced to catch sight of what appeared to be a sturdy stick on the ground and as I fled past it I picked it up and knowing that my pursuers were overtaking me I stopped, turned around and indicated to them that I had armed myself with this stick. One came up to me. My pursuers were running up the hill and as one almost reached me I lifted my stick and struck at him hard. I caught him on the shoulder and the stick broke. Then I turned and again fled. The rest of the way was down hill and I was able to reach the school grounds in a very short time leaving my pursuers far in the rear.

That evening a group of us, armed with hockey sticks, went out and roamed the country in a vain search for my pursuers of that morning.

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