Beginners' HTML

Beginners' HTML

HTML or HyperTalk Markup Language is easy to produce. You can obtain programs which generate it automagically but for simple tasks it's faster to just do it yourself. It took me less than 15 minutes to make and test this one. It's also easier to tweak this way.

The way to learn is to look at some page which you like and then, using your browser, choose view source. The source is what is actually sent from the internet to your computer which then turns it into what you see. Try it on this page.

In the source notice some items are surrounded by angle-brackets < > . These are the HTML directions, the rest is the text on the page. There may also be & ampersand characters which let you put special characters, for example, angle brackets that are not HTML directions, on your page.

To make your own page save the source you got off the internet. Then open it with your favorite word processor and change things on it. Try changing it just a little bit, maybe replace the non-bracketed text with your own ideas. Then save it from your word processor with a new name and choosing the option TEXT-ONLY or ASCII. Then open your new file with your browser and see what you've produced. Go back and forth between word processor, save as text only, and the browser until it looks the way you like. you'll probably have to refresh the browser to see the new changes, if you keep using the same name for your new page.

For more help on the meaning of the various HTML tags see